Adoptar petauros en Ecuador

  1. Hola como estan alguien por favor que me ayude con un petauro de azucar. 🙏 me encantaaan y no se donde pueda conseguirlo y mi mayor deseeo de cumpleaños si alguien me dona uno estaré muy agradecida gracias. Bendiciones

  2. I have a question about my sugar glireds -I have three of them, I got them from a previous owner who didn’t take care of them very well. 2 of them are over weight, one is missing half her tail, and the other one is perfectly fine. But anyways.How can you fix a problem of overweight sugar glireds? I have a running wheel in there, a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and pellets for food, and a nice big cage. They don’t seem to be losing any weight. Help?

    • Hello Diana!

      Methabolism of the gliders won´t change from one day to the other…keep on working on a balanced diet + exercise wheels + plenty of playing hours outside the cage.

      Reduce honey and snacks, and some owners are having very nice results with HPW LOW CALORIES, give it a try! You have it in

      It´s a nice topic you have brought in here, we will consult our veterinarians and hopefully we can write an article about it soon!


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